Cosplay Drama

what i do at cosplay events or other kind of events.
1. walk around aimlessly
2. walk around and say hi to friends
3. find friends (call call call n call)
4. stop to let people take photos.
5. sit around aimlessly
6. support friends who go on stage


if nothing else, i just go home happily.


i have no idea of what really happened during events, like idols, competition results, until i got home and saw news on FB.


I know there's some drama going on and i didn't really bother to read about it.


it has nth got to do with me anyway. XD



2012 is coming to an end,
i had hardly touched my livejournal for very very long.
too old. 
duno what to write.
write also only when i not in good mood. lol
but now still ok.

I dun have much inspiration to write to be precise.

Anyway, for the past 1 year, i have been through a lot.
happy and sad.

attending Chinese wedding on my own (without my parents this time), attended 1 indian wedding alone also last year.
(talks abt wedding, many people got married this year due to dragon year. and quite a number of people around me are either getting married soon or just got engaged. Congrats people!)

went to USS (universal studio of singapore) with Diana and Jade

went to Harry Potter Museum with Diana, Jade, Garcia and Jun

Grandma falling sick.

The end of the world on 22 Dec (which didn't come)

Went to Sunway Lagoon (with dar) for the 1st time. Had great fun and more fear from ridding roller coasters or those fast rides. getting old.

Went to Bangkok with Garcia. which is fun and fruitful trip. my first time to Bangkok too. Thanks Garcia for bringing me around. xD bought a lot of things especially clothes. Very cheap there!

Went to KL again just recently for Comic Fiesta again. and nua through the whole week. had a photoshoot during xmas. went sunway pyramid again for shopping. also went to bukit bintan, chinatown, klcc and time square. 

Went through my first audit (for my company) on my 2nd year of work. and found out a lot of things i didn't know after i worked for so long and got scolded for it. haha. sorry la. i only focus on what i always do. 

finally finished my first big cross-stitch piece. 

looks like there's quite a number of "first time" being contributed this year. until now then i realised. hahaha.

List of cosplay done for this year:
1. Victorique wedding version from gosick (Cosfest Day 1)
2. Nanoha wedding version from MSLN (Cosfest Day 2)
3. Lisabeth black smith version from Sword Art Online (AFA and photoshoot)
4. Lily casual version from MSLN force (Comic Fiesta)
5. Fate Uniform from MSLN Force (photoshoot)

I have yet come out with any resolution for next year. Hope i have more time to do my own thing? lol. when i spent too much time with my dar. will that be possible?

later in the day going to eat suki-ya with dar. x3

Hope everyone do well for the new year! and Happy Holiday!!

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When a woman ask for breakup, she actually lacking of one thing. Some lack of love, some lack of care, while some lack of security.
But when a man ask for breakup, he really meant it. Either he is in love with another woman or he wants freedom.
Hence, when women say they want to breakup, it always means good. Wherelse for men, they really meant goodbye --- Lu Qi

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New year ~ 2012

Ok am late to say this. But still...




Today is just the 2nd day of the new year.


On the last day of previous year, I almost spent my new year on the taxi. I caught a taxi late from boon lay. Taking the taxi all the way to pasir ris. On the journey, the tire hit onto something hard and it exhausted. The driver have to stop the car and change the wheel. I am the bad one. Cos I do not know what to do and just stayed in the vehicle. A kind soul (according to the taxi driver who interacted with him), a priest, stopped his car and came over to help. I do not know how to thanks him. Just sat quietly in the vehicle. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God will be blessing u forever. (well since he has a strong believe in him, that should be the way.)


I rch pasir ris just in time. And met my bf directly at 12 midnight sharp. Isn't that a sweet moment. X3


Hence we spent the whole night at his friend chalet. I just sit beside him n watch him play mahjong and his friends play wii. Ya. Just sat there do nth. Hahaha. Start of the year and I just sat there relaxing myself. Hohohoho.


After the chalet we went for breakfast at white sand macDonald. Then we depart our way.


At 4.30pm, I was awakened by my parents loud talking sound. They were selling things to the garang guni if am not wrong. They just did it purposely to wake me up. Coz we were going to chinatown to attend the chinese new year lightings light up celebration.


Hence, we headed down. Was quite disappointed with the deco, as it looks like nth much. Except for the majestic red dragon at the start of the street. We just stood in the road watching the starting of the ceremony and throughout the whole programme. When the decos were lighted up. It looks a bit better than before.


Halfway thru the show, I can't stand my thirst and separated from my family. Cos I dun want to squeeze back into the crowd after getting my drink, I just told my dad to meet me at the mac nearby. While I just stood there and watch the rest of the show. (i was playing with my phone most of the time while the programme is on. Cos it's nth much la.)


Then I was approached by one of the organiser commity to do a simple survey regarding the event.


Sum up for the day, it was fruitful spent with people I love and cared for.


I just hope we will be able to live peacefully throughout the whole year and most importantly have fun, have gd health and stay by people u love.


I dun have any resolution for now. Hahaha. No planning. Just want to live as it is. The majestic dragon, the main object of the year.

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After 7 yrs

After graduating from secondary sch, I had hardly contact people from my class (not sch, at least am still in contact with garcia. Lol)


After 7 yrs, htein lin asked for gathering. Not much turned up. But at least got more than 10. Had a fun night, listening to the guys talk abt sch, army, cars. (all I duno how to talk topic)


Almost everyone still looks the same.


Saw huiyu's son (the only married guy in our class). Adorable, dun let ppl get close to him, smile is great, but scream also loud and sharp. Rofl. Likes to run abt also. (he just started walking and is only 14mths olds. His parents say that his teeth were fully grown at 8mth. Kids nowadays grow up very fast sia)


The other married in our class, lijin wasn't there, as she was back on austrailia? Heard from htein lin.


Hence we are looking who will be the next to get married. Rofl


Went to sakura buffet at jurong safra for gathering dinner. Unexpectedly, the food there is much more better than the other sakura international buffets that I had went to. However, the service there is quite poor. The waitress that send food over, is just like walk pass n throw the food on the table. All of them dun smile somemore. What is worst, when they came up to clear table, when our table is full of finished plate, they just clear one to two plates and nvr come back. With safra card, u can enjoy 10% discount. I will reconsider again whether to go back there to eat again.

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my feeling

哭的时候,我会闭上眼睛不让它流泪;孤独寂寞的时候,我会静静的​想着某人;伤心的时候,我会找个地方静静的发呆,然后告诉自己,​还是要面对坚持下去;难过的时候,我会伪装自己,对别人说:“我​很好. 我很开心”;失落的时候,我会笑着对自己说,没事的,一切总会过​去.....我可以在,很痛的时候说没关系。我可以在,难过的时​候说无所谓。我可以在,寂寞的时候哈哈大笑。我可以在,绝望的时​候说世界依然美好。我只是希望在,我开始抱怨上天吝啬的时候,有​个人可以对我说,别太在意,我心疼你。

Back from Taiwan

Yeah. I just got back from taiwan on 25th morning 0.20am.

Went there for a week.
Went to taipei and kaohsuing.
Was enjoyable.
Though the sun keep waking me up at 5am.
But others was okay. As long as I got to be with him.

Taiwan roads are messy. >.<
Maybe I wasn't noticing the roads at all. Haha. If nt normally I dun get lost so easily. As I always recognise roads.

Shopped for clothes and books.
Tired many many food there. Especially the night markets. So many delicious food there. =3
Went to amusement park. Took rides: camel ridding, bus ride thru the small zoo, roller coaster.
Went for cosplay event.
Though the event ended earlier than what we think. But lucky that we didn't missed it.
Went for mini shoot nearby.
We didn't really get to find a dollfie shop. Mostly are online owners.

Parents were shocked at the boxes of stuffs we bought back. Haha.
In the end, my luggage was the heaviest. That is so unexpectable. Cos originally wanted to mail back. Thanks to someone, who doesn't know where the post office is and suggest me to bring it home in box package. So ya. But luckily didn't buy much. If nt crazy.

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